Our Mission

Peter's Wish, Inc. awards scholarships to youth who demonstrate a strong service commitment to their communities.  Since 2006, Peter's Wish has awarded $31,500 to 21 high school seniors seeking higher education at a accredited university, college, or trade school.  Because our scholarship requires 30 hours of community service, Peter's Wish awardees have performed over 600 service hours for their local communities.   


​​Inspiring and Empowering Youth to Grow into Greatness 

Our Inspiration

Peter's Wish was inspired by Peter Darryl Colucci.  Peter courageously fought a tough battle with Non-Hodgkins Disease Lymphoma for a year and a half before dying at just 10 years old.  Before he died, he told his father, "I am not afraid of dying, I just WISH I could grow to be a man like you."  Our goal is to help youth grow up to live fulfilled and meaningful lives - just like the one Peter wished for.  We believe the values of selfless service and education can lead to greatness in one's life.

The 2019 Scholarship is open for applications.  Peter's Wish will award three $1,500 to high school seniors attending Virginia Beach City Public Schools. 

Applications are due November 23rd, 2018.


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Peter's Wish

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