Peter's Wish

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Peter's Wish Honor Roll recognizes the tremendous character, accomplishments, and community service of the scholarship winners. 

     Alyssa V. from Bayside High School in Virginia Beach, VA is making a difference in the lives of others in several ways.  Most notably, she initiated what she calls “Spa Day.”  Alyssa started painting nails of some of the ladies at her local elderly home and soon made it a family weekly event.  Alyssa writes:

The creation of Spa Day was to directly benefit the elderly residing in elderly homes. Elderly Homes usually invoke a negative connotation because of the popular belief that they are places where the elderly are often dropped off at by their families, and I wanted to change that. I don’t want them to feel lonely or sad.  Thus, I spent much time conversing with the elderly while I volunteered at my local elderly home, and I found out that simply speaking to them and asking ‘How are you doing’ goes a long way.  I have gotten close to many elders and similarly, I know much of their background.  Just hearing them smile or seeing their eyes twinkle while they smile makes me feel accomplished and happy with myself.

Enrolled in Bayside’s Health Sciences Academy, Alyssa excels in her tough Advanced Placement classes.  Her teacher writes,

Her academic fervor should not belie Alyssa as a one dimensional student. She has so much more to offer as student and human being. She is kind, friendly and compassionate… I have watched her interact with her peers –  she treats them with kindness and courtesy. She listens to their ideas, assures them when they are conflicted, and supports (not enables) them even when she does not agree with their choices. I have seen her interact with her teachers - she is respectful and mindful. While grades are import ant, she accepts the responsibility of her role in the grades that she earns.  Alyssa embodies the qualities we want all our students to possess.

Alyssa is truly living Peter’s Wish to have a fulfilled and meaningful life.

Peter's Wish Community Service Scholarship

2018 Winner

Alyssa V.

Bayside High School

Virginia Beach, Virginia