Peter's Wish

a 501(c)3 Public Charity


The Peter's Wish Community Service Scholarship requires selected high school seniors to complete 30 hours of community service.  After successful completion of service hours, the $1,500 check is sent directly to the post-secondary school for tuition.   Complete details are below. 

Community service scholarship

Community Service Scholarship Information and Requirements
I. Peter’s Wish, Inc. will award post-secondary scholarships to selected high school seniors for the following areas and amount:

 Virginia Beach City Public Schools, Va Beach, VA - three $1,500 scholarships

Applications are due November 23rd, 2018. Peter’s Wish will notify scholarship recipients by December 14th, 2018. Selection will be conditional until the recipients complete 30 hours of community service by June 1st, 2019.

II. Purpose. Inspired by Peter D. Colucci, Peter’s Wish, Inc. was founded to empower and inspire youth to grow into greatness. We believe higher education and a solid commitment to community service enable youth to become great. As a result, Peter’s Wish will reward dedicated and motivated youth who volunteer in their communities by providing scholarships for higher education. The students benefit from the rewarding experience of giving back to their community and earn financial aid in their pursuit of higher education. The community benefits from the short-term volunteer hours and gains invaluable long-term benefits from a well-educated individual who can add to the overall productivity of society.

III. Eligibility and Selection. This scholarship is about heart and character. The scholarship is meant to inspire an early awareness to the vital importance of community involvement and selfless service.
Any senior who plans to attend either a two or four year degree accredited college or university or an accredited trade school is encouraged to apply. Applicants must have at least a 2.0 grade point average (on a 4.0 scale). The intent is to award the scholarships to the most inspired individuals; therefore, the highest emphasis is not placed on previous academic performance. However, applicants need to have at least the ability and motivation to pursue and succeed at higher education beyond high school.
Family members and relatives of the Board of Peter’s Wish are not eligible. Family members and relatives of substantial contributors to Peter’s Wish are also not eligible. Selection will be based on the letter of recommendation, projected impact and scope of the planned community service, and the content of the essay. The Board of Peter’s Wish, Inc. will make the final selections. Peter’s Wish reserves the right to not award the scholarships if applicants do not meet the criteria.

IV. Process.
1) Applicants need to email the application to Peter’s Wish by November 23rd to peterswish@peterswish.org.

A) Application (format attached). The application requests basic information and a community service plan. The plans should describe the following: community service to be performed, agency information, representative with contact information of who will oversee efforts, anticipated impact on the community, schedule for completion of the 30 hours, and future educational plans.

B) Letter of Recommendation. One short letter of recommendation by a current or former teacher who can attest to the applicant’s character must be provided. The focus for selection will be on individuals who possess the heart and genuine intent to make a difference in their community. Other traits evaluated are responsibility, maturity, and commitment. Letters of Recommendation are confidential and can be emailed or mailed directly to Peter’s Wish. Applicants do not have the right to view the letters unless the providing teacher allows it.

C) Essay. “The measure of a person is in the affect they’ve had on the people around them.” - Jackie Robinson. Applicants should discuss what this quote means to them. In answering this question, applicants can tie in concepts of the overall importance of community service, any previous volunteer efforts, and how they plan on contributing to society with their education. The essay is the opportunity for the Board of Peters Wish, Inc. to assess the character and genuine intent of the applicant. The essay should not be longer than two pages double-spaced and written in size 12 Arial font.

2) Selected students will be notified by December 14th, 2018. The scholarships are conditional pending the completion of the 30 hours by June 1st, 2019.

3) At least 15 hours must be completed and submitted to Peter’s Wish, Inc. by March 1st, 2019. After 15 hours of completed service, conditional awardees will submit a progress report (attached) that indicates satisfactory progress. Any possible changes to the community service plan will be indicated by the student at that time. Any negative report will lead to disqualification from conditional awardee status.

4) Upon completion of 30 hours, the conditional awardees will submit a final report (attached) that indicates satisfactory completion. Again, any negative report will lead to disqualification from conditional awardee status.

5) Conditional awardees will be acknowledged at their high school graduation award ceremonies at the end of the academic year.

6) Awardees will submit letters of acceptance and tuition bills to Peter’s Wish before scholarship funds are released. Funds will be sent directly to the institution, not to the student.

V. Guidelines and Limitations to Community Service. Community service does not have to be with the same agency for the duration of time. It can be accomplished through service with the following:
- State recognized non-profit (public charity)
- Local government agency
- Healthcare facility (non-profit)
- School sponsored program (graduation requirement)
- Community sports program (activities beyond playing on a team)
- Support for the elderly or handicapped within the community

The following activities do not apply to this scholarship and will not be considered as community service to the Board of Peter’s Wish, Inc.
- Service for a for-profit company like a business
- Service for friends and family
- Service for an organization that does not contribute to the good welfare of the community. Peter’s Wish, Inc. reserves the right to decide on the legitimacy of the volunteer service.
- Service cannot be during school hours
- Service where compensation is received

VI. Payment. The $1,500 scholarship will be paid as a lump sum directly to the accredited school. Proof of acceptance (acceptance letter) and tuition bill must be sent to Peter’s Wish, Inc. along with student ID number for the institution the student will be attending.

VII. Point of Contact. Questions pertaining to this scholarship or Peter’s Wish, Inc. can be directed to the President and Treasurer of the organization, Craig Colucci, at the following: (808) 285-6362, peterswish@peterswish.org, address: 2940 Lynnhaven Dr., Virginia Beach, VA 23451.